The Dacxi Chain: Meet the Tokenized Crowdfunding Network Coming in Q4 2022

Cryptocurrencies are no longer a niche product segmented in a distant industry popular only among cypherpunks and tech aficionados. They’ve become mainstream.

Largely due to their explosion in prices during the 2021 bull run, Bitcoin famously topped $69,000, they’ve cemented their place in the world of fintech.

However, now more than ever, the industry needs to prove its worth and separate investment opportunities from speculation. At a time when regulators turn their sights to crypto, the space needs clear-cut solutions that allow retail (and institutional) investors to clearly differentiate.

Dacxi Chain brings forward the first-ever global tokenized crowdfunding ecosystem designed to do just that.

It creates a global pool of investors and connects them with visionary business people who require funding to take their innovative products and services to the next level. The Dacxi Chain uses blockchain tokenization technology to create digital versions of company shares, making the process quick, seamless, cost-efficient, and – importantly – genuinely global. It’s powered by its own native cryptocurrency, Dacxi Coin.

What Problems Does Crowdfunding Face Today?

Crowdfunding was a strong concept with great promise. But it never reached the wild heights it aimed for. It was never eventuated as a legitimate way for investors to profit and entrepreneurs to gain funding. Largely, it was an issue of scale. The current crowdfunding system has long been restricted by geography, with local investors only able to invest in local businesses. This led to fewer choices and less money for innovators to fight over.

Another issue is due diligence, or the lack thereof. Yet another is low liquidity, with investments often trapped within a business until its founders decide either to sell up or take the company public. This can take as long as seven years, which for many investors, is an untenable timeframe.

The Dacxi Chain solves these issues and more – adding worldwide scale, validation and due diligence, and higher liquidity to the crowdfunding equation.

How the Dacxi Chain Functions

Building the Dacxi Chain has been no mean feat. Development has been in progress since 2017, and over these years, the team has innovated a number of brand-new technological processes required to build a global ecosystem of blockchain-based investment platforms. Their cutting-edge solution is based on a three-layered technology stack.

  1. The Application Layer includes the non-blockchain systems where crowdfunding investment opportunities are launched. This is a seamless and efficient system capable of handling thousands of global deals annually.
  2. The Transaction Layer is where investments on the Dacxi Chain are created and managed. Systems here include tokenization of crowdfunding deals, securing equity backing, generating smart contracts, allowing for token-money exchange, management of secondary trading, and the enablement of crypto payments across the world in local currencies.
  3. The Blockchain Layer is the layer that sees to the processing of ownership of equity tokens, crypto-currencies, transactions, and more.

The Dacxi Chain’s initial development stage (the Application and Transaction layers) will be built on a general Layer 1 blockchain, using a payment structure enabled by US stablecoin.

The Dacxi Chain developer team describes scaling the ecosystem as the most difficult developmental stage. However, having spent years pioneering the tech, they now believe they have built a system capable of dealing with thousands of deals and millions of transactions from every territory, currency, and language across the world.

How the Dacxi Chain Uses Blockchain Technology

The Dacxi Chain is built upon several features native to blockchain technology, including:

  1. Trustless equity custody
  2. Tokenization of equity ownership
  3. International investor [KYC] verification
  4. Cryptocurrency based international payment solution
  5. Trustless transaction solutions
  6. Trustless share registry solutions
  7. Network of tokenized Secondary Exchanges

How the Dacxi Chain uses Dacxi Coin (DACXI)

Dacxi Coin is the Dacxi Chain’s native cryptocurrency, and it plays a critical role in its operation. Dacxi Coin is a utility token. Its main use is to facilitate efficient and low-cost global investment transfers. Plus, as the currency used within the Dacxi Chain’s tokenized equity share exchanges, it enables investors to buy and sell shares, pays fees on the Dacxi Chain blockchain, and pays for the staking of blockchain writer nodes.

The Dacxi Chain: Final Thoughts

When it comes to fulfilling its promise to unleash equity crowdfunding’s true potential, the Dacxi Chain appears to have all the ingredients for success. The tech is sound and robust, and the company’s leadership team has vast experience in scaling global businesses.


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