Uniglo (GLO) Spikes With A Massive 25% Overnight Outperforming Top Dog Cryptos Like Bitcoin (BTC) And Dogecoin (DOGE)

Crypto newcomer Uniglo has been performing exceptionally well recently. It recently surged 25% overnight, which is incredible performance at any time, but not least when the rest of the market is struggling somewhat thanks to an overall bear run and looming recession. More and more crypto investors are looking for safe places to put their money, and places that could still earn them good returns. That’s why these savvy investors are realizing the power of GLO, and everything it could bring to their portfolio. Let’s look at how GLO has been outperforming more established coins like BTC and DOGE recently, and why it could be the best addition to your portfolio at the perfect time…

Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo solves key pain points in the crypto industry, and even wider financial space—making it arguably the best new project to hit the market in some time. That’s why it’s growing while still in its infancy, and that’s why now could be your chance to get involved in a token from the ground up (it’s still available in pre-sale).

GLO is completely deflationary, thanks to a highly innovative model. It’s got dual-burn technology to increase scarcity over time, and it’s fully asset-backed by a range of solid commodities that include digitized versions of gold and other high-end assets. This range of features makes GLO unique in the crypto world, and a true answer to the globe’s inflation problems.

Bitcoin (BTC)

When Bitcoin dipped below the $20k support level a few weeks ago, all bets were off. Nobody knew how low it was going to go. Some were predicting huge losses, and even saying it might go down to the hundreds. Interestingly, this didn’t happen. This lack of confidence was unfounded. BTC continued to solidify despite wider market conditions. And while BTC is still regarded as the bell-weather coin for crypto, it’s not immune to wider market conditions. The bear market was in force because of the overall global economy, looming recession and high inflation. Not because of fundamental issues with crypto itself.

Since then, BTC has continued to claw back some losses. While it hasn’t experienced stratospheric gains of the past, it has still shown strength. This sets up BTC for continued growth once the overall economy sorts itself out, and it could still be a great investment. But not as great as GLO.

Dogecoin (DOGE)

Doge went from a coin nobody had heard of to perhaps the hottest property in the altcoin world. With backing from industry giants like Elon Musk, Dogecoin was able to rally an army of fans and capitalize on the power of social media to drive prices into the stratosphere last year. Many think DOGE is a highly viable currency, with fast speeds and low cost, and while it has dipped somewhat in the bear run, it’s still got a ton of potential. That’s why analysts are still a fan of DOGE.


GLO has had an incredible few days, setting it up to potentially go on to claim the gains other coins like BTC and DOGE experienced before it. Now could be the time to get into GLO.

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