$20k+ in the first hours of the HH Game? Easy!


The Hot Heads Game is a unique, highly-profitable online game, based on the Binance Smart Chain, which offers a minimum of 200% profitability in the first minutes of its launch, all thanks to its one-of-a-kind P2E algorithm.

Yep, that’s right, 200%. And this is just the tip of the iceberg! Your earnings can grow that much more by playing the Hot Heads Smart Game…

The blockchain-based Hot Heads game, as a dedicated part of Web 3.0, offers users as many as three sources of income to fully satisfy anyone’s financial appetites:

  • Highly-profitable game on a smart contract
  • Token Staking
  • Referral Program

Additional Game Income

The Hot Heads Game is a Play2Earn game that allows players to purchase slots, each of which grants them 200% profit that can be received an unlimited number of times.

The slots, known as FireSlots, are divided into 11 levels with different costs and profitability – the profit from them is received in the form of 4 transactions within a certain amount of time. This is made possible due to the Hot Heads unique transaction recirculation algorithm, which allows you to earn money at all levels — 100% fair and transparent.

Suppose you purchased 3 FireSlots worth 5 BNB. According to the algorithm, you automatically start receiving transfers from the smart contract to your personal wallet. This continues until the total number of transactions reaches 10 BNB. Once that’s done, the game ends, or you can buy another FireSlot and continue earning.

You can buy FireSlots directly or win NFTs in tournaments that take place inside the project’sTelegram channel (a game within a game of sorts). These can later be exchanged for FireSlots. The project breaks the boundaries of P2E gaming by introducing an exciting Web game on its Telegram channel, which makes it possible to earn extra NFTs that can be exchanged for slots and used to increase your income.

Staking and Unlimited Referral Program

In addition to investing in slots, Hot Heads offers its users additional earning opportunities:

  • Classic staking of the BNB token on the platform’s smart-contract – stakes up to 30 BNB and a daily income of 2%
  • Affiliate program – three levels of referrals and daily profits of 30% -10%
  • It’s also possible to combine these, getting high profits with a minimal investment

How to Get Started

To join the Hot Heads Game and start receiving your endless BNB flow, you must have a wallet connected to the Binance Smart Chain network.

You can use the Telegram Bot (found In the official Telegram group of the project) to help you out with detailed instructions on installing the recommended MetaMask wallet.

In order to keep your passive income growing, it is encouraged to activate as many slots as possible, as soon as possible.

After registering and connecting the wallet, all that’s left is to buy the selected FireSlot or to stake your BNB.

Minimum effort, maximum rewards!

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