Crypto Spokesman: Fantom (FTM) “Will Definitely” Get Back To 1$ While Gnox (GNOX) Could Show Investors 120x In Late August

Gnox Token

New projects and protocols are continuously being created in the cryptocurrency sector, allowing investors to explore new opportunities for potentially significant returns on their investment. However, choosing which options are worthwhile investments might be challenging when so many options are available. Crypto spokesman highlights Fantom (FTM) and Gnox (GNOX) to show investors massive growth in late August. Let’s discuss what promises a positive future for these coins.

Gnox (GNOX)

Launching on August 18, Gnox (GNOX) is one of today’s most exciting crypto projects. Entering the market as a new generation “reflection token,” Gnox offers amazing passive income opportunities to investors. GNOX’s innovative yield farming service has become the key to driving the token price. 

The project aims to create an easier and more accessible DeFi space where even investors with a lack of experience would generate incomes. Investors hold governance votes to determine how much they would like to risk. Other than that, all the technical aspects are done by the protocol and high-tech DeFi aggregator. 

The Gnox Treasury, where the funds are invested on behalf of clients, manages staking and liquidity pools, from which profits are distributed to Gnox owners each month. Moreover, each Gnox order is charged by 10% tax, 1% of which goes to the holders every hour.

Overall, Gnox seems to have a lot to offer to investors. With the opportunity to gain massive revenues by simply holding the tokens, the community around the project strengthens day by day. So far, Gnox successfully survived bear sentiment and even managed to reach a 63% price increase in its second presale phase. 

Gnox’s ICO performance gives investors confidence the coin will reach 120x growth in late August after its final launch on pancakeSwap. The team also plans massive token burn events to reduce supply and boost prices. Moreover, general bullish market conditions are predicted from late August, which will eventually touch altcoins too. Thus, now might be the perfect time to add GNOX to your portfolio.

Fantom (FTM)

Fantom (FTM) is currently sitting at $0.2785 after peaking at an all-time high of $3.48 in January this year. The project’s Chief Business Officer, Michael Chen, however, is confident that the price will go back up and that Fantom (FTM) “will definitely” get back to 1$.

It is no secret that Fantom (FTM) has had a tough time since the bear market started in 2018. The price of the native FTM token has fallen from a high of $3.48 to its current price of $0.2785. This is a decrease of over 90%. The Fantom (FTM) team has been working hard to try and weather the storm. They have been making progress with developing the Fantom (FTM) Opera mainnet and have secured several partnerships.

The Fantom (FTM) Foundation has also been burning FTM tokens, which has contributed to the decrease in the circulating supply and, consequently, the increase in the token’s price. 

The Fantom (FTM) team is working hard to turn the project around. The token’s price may not have recovered yet, but it is clear that the team is making progress, and with the help of upcoming bulls, $1/FTM is likely to come back in late August.

Bottom Line

Gnox enters the market as a unique hold-to-earn token with vast potential. Will it really manage to experience 120x growth in August?

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