Samsung Opens Store In Decentraland

Metaverse is a buzz wordy word these days but, every day,  more companies are realizing how powerful of a marketing tool these virtual worlds can be.

The consumer electronics giant has entered the metaverse by opening a store and cultural center inside Decentraland, a decentralized virtual gaming world based on the Ethereum blockchain. Samsung is jumping things off with their new location in the virtual world, by offering users an interactive scavenger hunt and chance at earning limited edition wearable in-game items.

Samsung 837, a flagship New York City experience center, has added a location that you can explore virtually.
Visit 837X, our new Metaverse destination, launching at CES 2022.

The 837X Building, you can jump in, using a desktop computer, here

Front doors of the Samsung 837X building in Decentraland

Samsung asks users to join them for CES 2022 to celebrate the opening of Samsung 837X, their official launch in the metaverse. This immersive space lets anyone experience the creative possibilities of 837, Samsung’s culture and technology hub at 837 Washington St. in New York City.

837X is a fully immersive experience, featuring quests and live music events. To see it for yourself, you must enter Decentraland using your desktop browser. It’s a blockchain-powered virtual space, where you can buy and sell exclusive digital assets, like land and wearables.

When you join Decentraland, your avatar will be dropped outside the spectacular 837X building. Enter through the front door of the virtual building to start exploring, playing and collecting. In the lobby, a virtual guide will direct you to the three exciting interior spaces, where you can go on quests and discover how Samsung highlights sustainability, customization and connectivity.

Explore unique environments, collect NFT badges and join the raffle for three tiers of wearable collections and party to a live DJ performance.

837X connects art, fashion, sustainability and music in a new and exciting way.

Samsung 837X, Decentraland


  • Doors open at 1:37PM, UTC (8:37AM EST) on January 6th
  • Win NFT badges through questing until 12AM UTC (7:00 PM EST) on January 8th, this is when the questing closes.
  • 3 interactive quests celebrating the brand pillars: Connectivity, Sustainability, and Customization
  • NFT raffle around 1:37AM UTC on January 8th (8:37PM EST January 7th) of exclusive Samsung wearable collections: Epic, Legendary, and Mythic
  • Live DJ and dance party on January 8th @ 1:37AM UTC (8:37PM EST Jan 7th) featuring GAMMA VIBES

Welcome to 837X Create. Connect. Collect.


For the NFT raffle, complete the quests and collect up to four 837X badges to unlock a chance to win the Samsung 837X wearable collections. Collecting 1 badge enters you into the Epic raffle, and 2-3 badges gives you a shot at the Legendary raffle. Finding all 4 badges enters you into the raffle for the Mythic collection.

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