How To: Add Polygon(MATIC) Network To Metamask

Important Disclaimer: MetaMask does not verify custom networks. You are responsible for verifying any custom network added to MetaMask. DYOR and Never put your privacy or funds ar risk

More projects are migrating to Layer-2 blockchains for lower transaction fees and faster speed. Any Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) network can be added as custom RPC networks, so that you can connect them via Metamask using your existing account.

Please check where you can automatically detect the custom network needed and connect it to your wallet.

Here, I am going to demonstrate how to add the Polygon(MATIC) network to a metamask wallet manually.

  1. In Metamask browser extension, click Ethereum Mainnet at the top > click Add Network:

2.  Enter in the Matic Mainnet settings as follows: or or

Once the correct information is entered, press Save.

Your Metamask should now be on the Polygon (MATIC) network and look like this:

Image from Gyazo

You can easily switch between all of the networks in Metamask the same as before and now you will see Polygon in the networks dropdown.

Image from Gyazo

Congratulations! That’s it for adding the Polygon network to your  Metamask wallet wallet.

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